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WHY CHOOSE DRIVEWISE | Drivewise Orangeville


Learning to Drive can be one of the most dangerous skills a person can learn! There are so many driving schools out there you can choose from…how do you choose?

Driving is something you are going to learn once, so you want to go with a professional company. Believe me, when calling other schools you CAN tell the difference.!!!

You may think that all driving schools are created equal especially if they claim to be Ministry Approved. But often times comparing driving schools is not really comparing apples to apples, more like apples to oranges.

Driven by innovation and the pursuit to develop high-quality, interactive training programs, DriveWise proudly remains Canada’s leading driver training centre. We have a fully certified and professional Instructors to meet all your driving needs, whether it is in car or in the classroom.

DriveWise is the only driver-training centre to use high-fidelity virtual simulation, in combination with interactive training sessions.

DriveWise delivers programming to various clients, including: novice drivers, senior drivers, truck drivers, emergency management personnel and corporate fleets.

What Sets DriveWise apart from all of the rest:

  • Highly Interactive Classroom training – Our students are no longer lectured AT – they are engaged in their learning environment
  • Plenty of course dates & times which allow for flexibility
  • The ONLY School with Simulator Driver Training
  • Private 1-on-1 in-car training
  • Highly educated, annually re-trained in-car instructors
  • Well-established driving school in the Orangeville, Ontario community – having trained well over 22,000 graduates in the past 20 years
  • Driver training when properly & effectively executed saves lives! You need an MTO approved program – highly engaged owners not only in the school, but also in the community, a good high quality interactive training program that gets the students engaged in the material as well as keeps them engaged, instructors with experience, integrity and heart who are passionate about keeping people safe on the roadways. That is what makes up a Great Driving School. That’s what makes up DriveWise!