Reviews By Students



“Describe the in-class portion of our course”

“It was informative and easy to understand. It covered many things from; rules of the road, safety tips, impacts of impaired driving and much more.”

~ Kaelyn

“The class portion was very helpful and informative. I learned a lot of new information. The class was educational and interesting.”

~ Victoria

– “Lots of details about the information
– Fun activities
– Knowledge was easy to remember
– Curriculum was well prepared
– Very helpful”

~ Megan K.

“ I learned a lot of different rules and requirements. It gave me confidence in knowing what to before getting behind the wheel”

~ Owen G.

“Good use of technology throughout the course. I liked the use of videos and quizzes, it made the learning experience more fun.”

~ Danielle M.

“I learned lots of statistics, some surprising rules and laws and helpful advice.”

~ Catherine

“The way all of the curriculum was taught helped me remember everything, which was very helpful.”

~ Sydney L.

“It was really great, interactive and gave me lots of insight.”

~ Grace

“Taught me how to drive properly, how to act in hazards and what to do in accidents.”

~ Darienne

“I started with a different school at first and decided to go with Drive Wise, and I’m glad I did. The learning experience was engaging and extremely transferrable to real world driving.”

~ Riley J.

“In your own words, describe your in class instructor”

“My instructor was very funny and nice, they made the class more exciting.”

~ Riley B.

“He was awesome. He was easy to listen and learn from with a hands-on approach to teaching.”

~ Riley J.

“My instructor was funny and kind, does a great job explaining things and I learned a lot.”

~ Madysyn C.

“Fun, supportive and easy to talk to.”

~ Dee S.

– “Reliable
– Easy to understand
– Approachable”

~ Nicole M.

“Very friendly and made learning interesting.”

~ Jamie F.

“He was great. Added in his personal experiences which made the overall course more interesting and easy to follow.”

~ Sullivan M.

“Well versed with regulation and driving tips. He was clear and concise when conveying messages of safe driving effectively.”

~ Josh B.

“Always kept the lessons fun and interesting. I really enjoyed learning from my instructor.”

~ Matt R.

“ They kept the lessons interesting and made my time spent there enjoyable.”

~ Karly D.

“Describe your simulation experience”

“Challenging at times, but for the most part, fun and good for practice.”

~ Dylan

“This experience was extremely useful and made me more comfortable in cars.”

~ Kaelyn

“It was educational. I got more of a feel for driving and the rules of the road

~ Braydon H.

“It gave me great experience in many different situations”

~ Victoria

“This experience was awesome, informative and helped me to better understand driving”

~ Matt N.

“It helped give me confidence before I went on the road. Overall this helped me a lot.”

~ Owen G.

“This helped me form good habits before even getting on the road, and it was also very interesting.”

~ Danielle M.

“It defiantly prepares you for undesirable conditions without putting you in any real danger.”

~ Sarah L.


“Describe your in-car lesson experience”

“My in-car lessons at Drivewise were amazing! Catherine made me feel very comfortable and I can’t thank her enough for all the help, tips and tricks and all that she has taught me along the way. I am now a proud G2 driver. The experience was so enriching that I will definitely be taking the refresher course once I go for my full G license.”

~ Stephanie St-Pierre

“My in-car lessons were easy to understand and super helpful”

~ Julie H.

“Exposed me to new types of driving. It was amazing!”

~ Elissa D.

“Fun, descriptive, easy to understand, hands on, informative”

~ Sabrina R.

“My experience was really good, it gave me lots of experience and it was very helpful.”

~ Melissa G.

“Didn’t stress me out and it was super informative.”

~ Dennis

“Describe your in-car instructor”

“Friendly, caring and very funny”

~ Bryan F.

“My instructor was patient, knowledgeable, happy, professional and supportive.”

~ Elissa D.

“My instructor made the learning experience comfortable and easy to understand with a high degree of effectiveness.”

~ Ashley R.

“Descriptive, hilarious, understanding and approachable.”

“Fun, relaxed, informative and made my overall experience more enjoyable.”

“Energetic and interactive. My instructor helped me learn a lot of new information.”

“Smart, patient, always on time and never misses a class. My instructor was the best!”