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Q. Who is eligible to take DriveWise simulation driver training?
DriveWise simulation driver training is suitable for all novice, professional and experienced drivers who are looking to develop and refine their driving skills.
Q. Can I sign up for training if I am in the middle of getting my license?
The DriveWise course can be initiated at any time. Our emphasis on increasing decision making skills by in-class, in-vehicle and intensive virtual reality simulation in a multitude of traffic and environmental conditions. This course holds considerable value to the Licensed as well as the novice driver.
Q. How does this training differ from traditional classroom training?
DriveWise satisfies all Ministry of Transportation guidelines for in class as well as surpasses them. Our virtual reality simulators are the cornerstone of our solution. Basically they provide the trainee an additional 6 lessons behind the wheel.
Q. What is so special about this simulator? How can a machine teach me to be a better driver and possible save my life?
At DriveWise, we teach people how to recognize driving hazards and how to respond to them. You will learn how to apply skills in a risk-free environment before going out onto the real driving world.
Q. Is there an instructor in /near the simulator with the participant?
Yes, our experienced driving and simulation instructors are close to you to provide you with the pointers you need and to guide you through the simulation training.
Q. What is a typical session day look like?
The in class portion is a dynamic combination of in class lecture, quizzes using our interactive CPS (classroom performance system) units and hands on driving experience in our simulator. Each class incorporates components of our 6 star defensive driving program. The program uses a blended learning approach plus being highly interactive it is the best environment for learning retention creating the safest drivers on the road ways today.


Q. Where is the Orangeville classroom?

The Orangeville classroom is located at:

15 Elizabeth St. L-14 Orangeville, on L9w 3X3

For a detailed map of our classroom location, please click here.

Q. Where do I write my G-1?

The Orangeville DriveTest Centre:

50 Fourth Avenue
Orangeville, ON L9W 4P1
FAX: (519) 941-9493
Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Q. What is the cost to get a G-1?

Click on the DriveTest link below for the full list of all licensing fees.


Q. Can I begin the DriveWise novice driver training program before I have obtained my G-1?

Yes, you can begin the DriveWise novice program without a G-1 licence. You must have your G-1 licence prior to starting in-car lessons.

If you do not have your G-1 licence we recommend you use Learnersprep.com to practice for your test online. Click here to learn more.

Q. What is the average length of time it takes to complete the full DriveWise program?
The average completion time for the full DriveWise novice program is approximately 3 months. The Ministry of Transportation requires that the full program be completed within 1 year of the start date of the program.
Q. How do I book my G-2 or G road test?

There are two ways to book your road test:

* Before you book your road test, please make sure you have completed the DriveWise program. You will be asked for the completion date if you have had you G-1 for less than one year.

  1. Call 1-888-570-6110
  2. Book on-line at www.drivetest.ca and follow the links

We would be happy to arrange the road test booking on your behalf. Please contact us at 519-942-4520 or by e-mail.