What I loved about Training with Catharine was (and is) her ability to breakdown things like parallel parking so it is easy and systematic. Each lesson was approached with patience, understanding and laughter between the tricky maneuvers I was learning. I live in Ireland now, and I have driven all over the world, and I still catch myself applying the foundation I built at Drivewise into my daily driving. Driving Coaches need to invoke confidence into their students, so they believe the minute their Driving Test begins, that they are capable of passing with flying colours. I would recommend Drivewise to anyone, and I have! You will not find a more positive environment, and what makes it truly special, is Drivewise is like a family. So sign up!
Laurel Graham

I had such an amazing experience with drive wise! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great driving school with instructors that are captivating and make it easy to understand the curriculum. All the material taught was easy to remember and extremely helpful.
Kialeigh Magee

Amazing place! Both Catharine, Justin, and Jenna were awesome teachers, I recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for some great training. Drive Wise is the best place to go!!

Riley Y

I’ve learned so much from drive wise I would definetly recommend this to anyone else. By far the best driving school in Orangeville. Great staff and great teaching habits!
Evan Moore

– amazing instructors, positive attitude, interactive, easy and fun to learn from
– time efficienctly spent in class
– effective teaching methods
– would highly recommend!
Savannah Rendall

DriveWise is an excellent driving school, I would definitely recommend!
Judy Ransom

Just incredible. They’re supportive, understanding, very knowledgable when it comes to the roads and they helped me feel safe and confident behind the wheel. Thanks to Drivewise I succeeded my first road test! & looking forward to my G. Cya in a year!
Leanne McGilvery

I absolutely am impressed with the teaching and amazing interaction done by Catherine. I am 46 and class consists of all kids under 19. Catherine keeps us laughing yet totally paying attention and learning at sametime. Absolutely reccomend drive wise to anyone chosing a driving school. Catherine is fabulous.
Candy Ireland-Sluz

Thank you Catherine and Doug for helping me be successful with my G2 and now my G!! I couldn’t have chosen a better driving school than drivewise!
Tori Mcdonald

Thanks to drivewise I was able to get my g2 I have no idea what I would of done without the help of Catharine, it’s definitely worth going to drivewise and thank you for teaching me Catharine.
Lisa Marie Allen

My son just received his G2, thanks to Drivewise! In the classroom Catharine taught him everything he needed to know to get confidently behind the wheel. In the car, Doug was a great teacher and was the best teacher we could have hoped for! I would recommend Drivewise to anyone learning how to drive.
Dawn Kelly

Can’t thank these people enough. Went from being a terrified driver to a natural. It took me a while, but I have been on the road for over 6 years (3 while under the G1 and G2 license, and 3 with my full G) now and I don’t see myself stopping. Thank you, DriveWise. The independence fits me like a glove!
Paul Rutledge

Thanks to drivewise for helping me get my G license (& my G2 last year too.) The best!!
Sebastian Elsarraf

DriveWise is the best driving school in Orangeville!! Special thanks to Catharine for everything she did, she’s an amazing person and thanks to her I passed my test!
Amy-Lynn Vorstadt

Thanks to all the staff at DriveWise. My daughter received her G2. Special thanks to Jenna her driving instructor. She is now a confident driver.
Brenda Haines

My in-car lessons at Drivewise were amazing! Catherine made me feel very comfortable and I can’t thank her enough for all the help, tips and tricks and all that she has taught me along the way. I am now a proud G2 driver. The experience was so enriching that I will definitely be taking the refresher course once I go for my full G license.
Stephanie St-Pierre

My in-car experience with Justin was amazing…. Justin is relaxed and very knowledgable…I have recommmended DriveWise to all my friends and family.
S. Rocano

Catharine is an awesome in car Instructor. DriveWise rocks! This is the best Driving school out there.
R. Bryne

The classoom was amazing! Iloved the Simulation…I would recommend DriveWise to everyone!

I learned a lot in the classroom to help me with my driving career. Catharine was nice and easy going she made it easy to learn. Simulator was a good experience.

The in class part was fun and and we learned a lot … I like the competition and the clickers!!
Catharine was funny and nice and she knows what she is talking about.

The cassroom was engaging and fun… Catharine was Energetic and Keeps your attention.
The Simulator was a great experience and prepared me for in car lessons.