Our famous DriveWise Driving Simulators are in EACH of our classrooms. We also have the DriveWise Trailer which enables us to bring simultor training directly to your location! All skills taught in our classroom are reinforced in the simulator and then again in an in-car lesson with an instructor! Why training with simulation makes sense:

  • The Aerospace industry swears by simulator training. They will not allow pilots to fly aircraft without training on a flight flying simulator first. We simply can’t teach winter driving techniques in the summer without a simulator.
  • Fog, rain, high winds are best experienced in the simulator first. We believe practice makes perfect.
  • No matter how hard we try we can’t predict when a road hazard presents itself, such as a deer leaping in front of your car. In the simulator, we guarantee it will happen at least once.
    Tire-blowouts on the highway at 100 km / hr are better taught in the simulator than practiced for the first time in real life.
  • Having students send text messages to friends, drink from a water bottle, or talk on a cell phone are better taught on the simulator than if we had them trying it out while in an in-car lesson. Presenting distractions such as these on the simulator teaches students valuable lessons they will use their entire adult life as safe, responsible drivers.
  • The only place to try out driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is on the simulator wearing our Fatal Vision Goggles. Here students can experience driving with impaired vision. We then replay the impaired drive and show students how their vehicle handling abilities decrease dramatically.