Refresher 6 Pack of Lessons

This is for someone with a valid driver’s licence who would like to brush up on their driving skills or preparing or a G1 exit or G2 Exit test. This is for someone who would like to feel more confident as a driver.

Program Includes:

  • 6 In- Car Lessons (1 hour)
  • One on One Training
  • Free pick up upon arrangement

Fee: $420.00 + $54.60HST = $474.60

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Refresher 10 Pack of Lessons

This is a great program for someone who does not want to take part in the classroom program and will not receive a certificate from the MTO.

  1. 10 In-car lessons (1 hour)
  2. Schedule your lessons when convenient for you
  3. Free pick up and drop off in our surrounding area

Fee: $700.00 + $91.00HST = $791.00

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ADEP Program

This is good for someone who looking for Court approved programs. Person must still have a valid License to participate.

Program Includes

  • In-class training can varies, depending what is said on court letter.
  • In-vehicle training varies -depending on letter.
  • you will receive a Certificate upon completion.

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